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Quick Look: Serial Cleaner

2017-07-24 23:49 Quick Looks

Dan shows Vinny the way around a crime scene while Vinny shows Dan the dangers of identity theft.

Quick Look: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

2017-07-23 32:48 Quick Looks

Gathering stones may break your bones, but a game this chill would NEVER hurt you.

Best of Giant Bomb 128 - The Human Element

2017-07-22 10:43 Best of Giant Bomb

They say traveling makes you discover the real you… maybe Mario should just stick to The Mushroom Kingdom.

Thank God It's FriDota: The All Hero Challenge 07/21/17

2017-07-21 00:44 Features

Does Brad have what it takes to #disrupt the Dota 2 scene? Under the tutelage of Professor Pack, he just might.

Quick Look: Splatoon 2

2017-07-21 39:43 Quick Looks

Alex is, once again, a squid and a kid in the world of Splatoon 2. Check it out as he splats, inks, and admires art.

Quick Look: The End Is Nigh

2017-07-21 31:53 Quick Looks

The end may be nigh for our blobby friend, but Brad, Ben, and Jeff are just getting started. Especially when it comes to sandwich chains.

Quick Look: Gigantic

2017-07-20 53:00 Quick Looks

Everyone's down to MOBA including sword dads and martial arts frogs.

Unfinished: Destiny 2 07/19/2017

2017-07-19 45:09 Unfinished

Jeff, Brad, and Ben light up and dive into the Destiny 2 beta to discover a horrifying truth: it's more Destiny.

Giant Bombcast 490: Sometimes Pepperoni, Sometimes Hot Dog

2017-07-18 25:07 Giant Bombcast

A strange odor wafts through the halls of Giant Bomb, so we huddle in the podcast studio to chat about Splatoon 2, the Ataribox, all the action at EVO, the end (?) of the Miiverse, and the unexpected return of Casey Hudson.

Unfinished: Fire Pro Wrestling World 07/17/2017

2017-07-18 45:39 Unfinished

We gather up the greatest wrestlers the world has never known and pit them against the Fire Pro engine.