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GB's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Battle Stream Combat Test Stream

2017-04-24 10:32 Features

Join as we get our squad together and try to make it to number one on the island of death.

Quick Look: Puyo Puyo Tetris

2017-04-24 56:25 Quick Looks

We got puyos in our Russian blocks and it'll take Doctor Dog and Doctor Bear to sort this mess out.

Quick Look: Mr. Shifty

2017-04-23 21:01 Quick Looks

All the fun of teleportation without that nasty sulfur smell.

Best of Giant Bomb 122 - SQUAD

2017-04-22 08:17 Best of Giant Bomb

Things you should avoid the internet versions of: plane rides, truck spawn locations, Dan Ryckert.

Quick Look: Cosmic Star Heroine

2017-04-20 48:00 Quick Looks

Cyberpunks Brad and Jason hack into a current game that plays like one from the past that is set in the future.

Quick Look: Flinthook

2017-04-19 39:53 Quick Looks

The space meat seems a bit dubious, but being a space pirate seems like a real good time.

Giant Bombcast 477: The Husband Who Owned Himself

2017-04-18 11:44 Giant Bombcast

A couple of Thumbs swing by to dish on a bunch of game dev stuff, a deep dive into Zelda systems, the Full Throttle remaster, hot Admiral Ackbar gifs, and the legal rights of trees.

Quick Look: The Disney Afternoon Collection

2017-04-17 45:25 Quick Looks

We revisit some of our childhood games, memories, and inabilities to remember theme songs.

Quick Look: Beat Cop

2017-04-16 35:48 Quick Looks

We're gonna find out who did Fat Mike, but not until we meet our ticket quota and pay alimony.

Quick Look: Styx: Shards of Darkness

2017-04-15 39:45 Quick Looks

The deadliest weapon in our arsenal are the post-death wisecracks.